Henry Steiner·Graphic Communicator

Henry Steiner·Graphic Communicator

Add:L2 Shenzhen UCCN Gallery, Design Society|Sea World Culture and Arts Center, 1187 Wanghai Road, Nanshan District, Shenzhen

04.20 - 06.20

Project Name: Henry Steiner ·Graphic Communicator

Date:  2019.04.20 -2019.06.20

周日-周四 10:00-20:30 ;周五-周六 10:00-21:30
Opening Time:Sun-Thur 10 :00—20 :30 ; Fri-Sat 10 :00—21 :30

地点:设计互联 | 海上世界文化艺术中心,二楼联合国教科文组织创意城市网络交流中心,深圳市南山区望海路1187号
Location : L2 Shenzhen UCCN Gallery, Design Society|Sea World Culture and Arts Center, 1187 Wanghai Road, Nanshan District, Shenzhen

承办单位Organizer:设计互联 Design Society




著名平面设计师石汉瑞是公认的「香港设计之父」,他以浑化中西、糅合艺术与设计的跨文化、跨专业设计实践,触发了香港及至中国设计从无意识到有观念的现代觉醒。“启蒙者 ·石汉瑞”是石汉瑞在中国大陆的首次个展,也是他迄今为止最大规模的个展,完整呈现其自20世纪60年代至今逾半个世纪的设计实践历程。展览汇聚石汉瑞先生近85套品牌设计完整案例,综合展示书籍、钱币等实物设计与多套珍贵手稿,全方位体现石汉瑞的跨文化设计理念及其对大中华地区现代设计的启蒙影响,由此映射中国文化与国际视野在设计中的共融与发展。

Introduction of the Project: 

The famous graphic designer Henry Steiner is recognized as the "Father of Hong Kong graphical design". He has used the cross-cultural and inter-professional design practices of Chinese and Western art and design to trigger the modern awakening of Hong Kong and Chinese design from unconscious to conscious. "Henry Steiner • Graphic Communicator" is Henry Steiner’s first solo exhibition in China Mainland, as well as his largest exhibition till now. It presents Steiner's design practice history for more than half a century since the 1960s, bringing together nearly 70 sets of brand design complete cases, and comprehensively displays physical design and many sets of precious manuscripts such as books, magazines, coins, and comprehensively reflects Henry Steiner's cross-culture design concept and his enlightenment to modern design in Greater China, reflecting the integration and development of Chinese culture and international vision in design.




Introduction of the Organizer:

Design Society is a new cultural platform that generates a diverse public programme with the mission to activate design as a social catalyst. Design Society adheres to the pioneering spirit of Shekou and Shenzhen in creating a unique cultural experience and in programming a public space dedicated to design. It shows and tells the power of design through major exhibitions about the past, present and future of design, through curated galleries, shopping experiences and multifaceted events. Entrepreneurial activities support and leverage the not-for-profit programme in order to build an innovative and sustainable new institution. Design Society is an open and collaborative platform, fostering synergies, connecting China and the world, and empowering the inter-connectivity between design and society, design and everyday life, and design and industry. 
Design Society will test new ideas, incubate new talents and explore new opportunities for creative industries. The encouragement of creative dialogues and collaborations aims to design a better society. Design Society and the Sea World Culture and Arts Center welcome collaborations openly.