Fringe Film Poster Exhibition

Fringe Film Poster Exhibition

Add:Broadway Cinematheque Shenzhen, The Mountain View

03.24 - 04.30

Project Name: Fringe Film Poster Exhibition


Opening Time:

Location : Broadway Cinematheque Shenzhen, The Mountain View
承办单位Organizer:深圳市前沿艺穗艺术中心 Shenzhen Fringe Art Center



深圳艺穗影展电影海报设计展(Fringe Film Poster Exhibition)将在2019艺穗影展期间举办,作为艺穗影展的活动之一,以海报为媒介,透过展览的形式,向公众展示艺穗影展佳片海报,让大众了解电影海报的诞生,在欣赏精彩影片的同时,亦能感受电影海报带来的双重愉悦。


Introduction of the Project: 

As the information carrier and the first business card of the seventh type of art, movie, the film poster conveys the core of the film with plane vision. In addition to promotion, it gradually becomes a beautiful image, unique expression technique and rich cultural connotation. It has become a graphic art work which is independent of the film.
Fringe Film Poster Exhibition will be hold during 2019 Fringe Film Festival. As one of the main events, the exhibition uses posters as a medium to showcase the posters of the Fringe Film Festival to the public, through exhibitions and design sharing sessions to let the public know the birth of the film posters.While enjoying the wonderful films, we can also feel the double pleasure brought by the movie posters.